18th Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan (PSSJ)

ROCK MAKER - XML Screen Updates

15th Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT) Symposium

Protein Crystallization Software Update: ROCK MAKER® 3.11

British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting 2018

Customer Spotlight: Althea Crystalomics® Formulation Technology

1st CCP4/BGU Structure Solution Workshop

SHG overhauls XPRD: 10-fold Improved Sensitivity in Crystallinity Detection within Amorphous Solid Dispersions

5th Annual BioXFEL International Conference

Lorne Proteins 2018

Protein Crystallization Software Update: ROCK IMAGERⓇ 3.5

WEBINAR -  Screening Membrane Protein Crystallization Conditions in Lipidic Cubic Phase using LCP-FRAP by Dr. Vadim Cherezov

Revolutions in Structural Biology: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sir John Kendrew

25th Protein Structure Determination in Industry (PSDI) Meeting

26th Annual Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto (BHT) Crystallography Symposium

20th Heart of Europe Biocrystallography Meeting

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) Group on LinkedIn

Join us at the CCP4 Protein Structure Workshop 2017

FORMULATRIX Protein Crystallization Users' Group Meeting 2017

Drop Setter Software Update: NT8 2.9

The 17th Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan

Join us at the 21st Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure and Function

Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Imager 3.4

Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Maker 3.10

47th Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting

Join us at the 3rd Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference

Join the Crystallography Conversation at ACA 2017

Prescreening Membrane Protein Crystallization Conditions with FRAP

Multi-Fluorescence Imaging of Protein Crystals

Unprecedented Sensitivity for API Crystalline Quantification using SONICC

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Characterization using SONICC

Cold Spring Harbor Asia - Membrane Proteins: Structure & Function

Detection and Imaging of Protein Microcrystals using SONICC

British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting 2017

Join us at the 14th Annual SER-CAT Symposium

Use of FRAP to Filter Out Non-Crystallizing Conditions

Multi-Fluorescent Imaging for Sensitive Protein Crystallization Detection

Join us at the 2017 West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop

Lorne Proteins 2017

Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Maker 3.9

Imaging of Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Plates

Protein Crystallization Software Update: NT8 2.8

Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Imager 3.3

Protein Structure Determination in Industry (PSDI) 2016

BHT Crystallographic Organization 2016

What's New in Rock Imager 3.1

What's New in Rock Maker 3.7

High-Throughput Screening of Crystallization Conditions

Live Drop Setter Demos at ECM 2016!

30th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association

12th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation (BSR)

American Crystallographic Association (ACA 2016)

Live Crystallization Automation Demos at ACA 2016!

French Crystallographic Association (FCA) Congress


Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Imager 3.0

The Art of Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Drop Setting

Lipid Cubic Phase: A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the Protein Crystallization Blog

20th Swedish Conference on Protein Structure and Function

Northwest Protein Crystallography Workshop 2016

Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan (PSSJ2016)

Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Maker 3.6

Rock Imager 2.17: Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI) and Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption Imaging

Crystallization: focus on micro and nano crystals and high throughput methods, 2016 at SLAC

Come see us at British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting 2016

Come see us at Structure Based Drug Design Conference 2016

Rock Imager 2.16: Improved drop location; SONICC, FRAP enhancements

Rock Maker Web 3.5: Drop Overview images; new Source column on Imaging Schedule tab

See the NT8 drop setter at The 41st Lorne Conference

Rock Maker 3.5: New Single Drop Report; Enhanced well tab and slideshow

See the NT8 drop setter at PSDI 2015

See our crystallization products at the 24th Annual Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto Symposium

Rock Maker 3.4: Multiple images in the Hit Report; New Instant Drop Report; Score Without Images

MUVIS 2.1: New default image format; 64-bit Windows compatibility

Rock Maker Web Compare View is here!

NT8 2.6: Multi-select tasks; Plate Copy and Plate Type Editor enhancements

Rock Imager 2.15: Enhanced drop location, Auto-Exposure; Better SHG EFI images

Rock Maker 3.3: New optimization wizard, new Hit Report

Rock Maker Web refresh!

Rock Maker 3.2: Flexible Explorer width; Labeled Region of Interest boxes; Lock Zoom

Rock Imager 2.14: Automatic plate definition backup; Automatic SONICC laser health monitoring; Event Log updates

Rock Maker 3.1: A complete overhaul of Rock Maker's look and feel!

Rock Imager 2.13: Improved UV EFI images and Drop Location algorithm; Extended SONICC photomultiplier tube (PMT) life

Rock Maker 3.0: Software redesign; new Screen Experiment Wizard

NT8 2.5: Liquid classes for more accurate aspirations and dispenses; Flexible Finger clamps

Rock Maker 2.9: New way to navigate images; Rock Maker University; On-Demand drop imaging

Rock Imager 2.11: Image Interesting Drops; UV image improvements; Faster plate imaging and startup times

NT8 2.4: High Volume Protein Blocks; Better LCP calibration

Rock Imager 2.10: Reorganized menus, image 'Interesting' drops instantly, SONICC changes and more

Rock Maker 2.8: Compare images in Search & Filter; Search for images without scores; and more

Formulator 1.15: Mantis integration; multiple reagent selection

Rock Imager 2.9: Autoscoring for UV and SONICC images; Image masking to reduce plate fluorescence

Rock Maker 2.7: Support for UV and SONICC autoscoring; Score tooltips; Score filters

NT8 2.3: More accurate dispenses with 'Flexible Fingers', liquid detection sensors, improved software, and more

Rock Maker 2.6: Slideshow view; Compare images; New score types

Rock Imager 2.8: Instant Imaging; RIP status added to status bar; Better plate calibration

Rock Maker 2.5: Search & Filter improvements; Report improvements

Rock Imager 2.7: SONICC improvements; Better Drop Location; New Field of View controls

Rock Imager 2.6: Faster visible light imaging time; Automatic brightness and laser power compensation

Rock Maker 2.4: Faster Search & Filter, new screen analysis chart, plate state icons, and more

Rock Imager 2.5: Reduced noise in SONICC images; Software menu name changes

Formulator 1.14: Automatic input priming; more wash options

Formulator 1.13: Formulator 10 now available; New secondary wash, pause dispense option; improved prime controls and more

Rock Imager 2.4: Dual imager support; Better UV images; Software menu name changes

Rock Maker 2.3: Drop and Compare tabs added to Search & Filter; Score View; Image refresh

Rock Imager 2.3: Image leveling; Image schedule customization; and more

Rock Maker 2.2: Data search and analysis; Image leveling

Rock Maker 2.1: New simple text search; copy and paste to external applications; Crystal Farm and Crystal Track integration; and more

Rock Imager 2.1: SMTP Authentication; Load Port Customization

Rock Maker 2.0: Compare two images side-by-side; Image a plate from the Explorer

MUVIS 2.0 - What's New

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