MUVIS 2.0 - What's New

December 12, 2009 by Astri Leave a Comment

New Features

  1. Added the ability to configure visible camera settings when the Overlay option is active.
  2. Added the ability to configure UV timeout settings.
  3. Added the ability to save current threshold settings for Auto-Leveling.
  4. Changed the "Use Threshold for Leveling" option name in Visible Light Control to "Use Auto Leveling".
  5. Added an Ultraviolet imaging time-out warning when the UV imaging expired.
  6. Added an uninstall option.
  7. Added the ability to apply leveling histogram settings to both visible and UV images either with manual leveling or auto-leveling. The leveling histogram settings affect the image's brightness and contrast.

Other Changes

  • Added Leveling settings in the Options menu.
  • Changed startup behavior to enter a simulation mode if there is a hardware connection issue.
  • Changed the Autofocus button.

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