Rock Maker 2.0: Compare two images side-by-side; Image a plate from the Explorer

March 28, 2010 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Maker 2.0 introduces a Compare tab, allowing you to compare different types of images of the same drop side-by-side; the ability to image a plate now from the Explorer; and more.

Compare images. When multiple images are selected on the Navigator Tab, they are displayed on the Compare Tab in a 2x2 layout allowing you to compare them easily and conveniently. You can view images of inspections, regions, capture profiles, or drops of a well in this manner. All views are kept in sync and multiple cursors will appear to help you better identify your experiment's features.

01 Image Compare

Image now. Image Now provides the user the ability to image the current plate as soon as the imager is available without having to be at the imaging controlling computer. This feature is available on the Imaging Tab and also by right-clicking a plate on the tree.

02 Image Now

Image Management Task Preview. Image Management Task Preview states how many images will be affected by a given Image Management Task.

03 Image Management Task Preview

Canvas colors. You can now configure the selection colors of wells and layers on the canvas. This new option can be found by clicking 'General' on the tree.

04 Canvas Colors

Incubation tooltip. When you hover over any experiment on the tree, a tooltip will display the set incubation temperature for that experiment along with the experiment's ID, Name, Created Date, Plate Type, and Owner.

05 Incubation Tooltip

Other enhancements

  • Ingredient names can now be edited when in admin mode
  • Optional: Rock Maker will now allow scheduling and importing of images on Thermo Fisher's Rhombix

Navigator tab with updated age of image. The Navigator Tab contains all the controls necessary to browse an experiment across its plates, wells, drops, regions, capture profiles, and imaging sessions. To aid in navigation, you can also have a main mode selected in which thumbnails are shown. Selecting a thumbnail will bring up that image in the main panel. The age of the image has also been added to show how long it has been since a drop was first imaged.

01 Navigator Tab with Updated Age of Image

Drop Captures & Drop Report Options. We've added the option for 'Drop Captures' on the right-click menus on both the Canvas Tab and the Drop Tab. A 'Single Drop Report' option has also been added to the right-click menu on the Drop Tab.

02 Drop Captures&Drop Report Options

pH tooltip. Hover over a stock low pH or stock high pH indicator on the canvas to have a tooltip display the buffer name and pH.

03 pH Tooltip

Drop info tooltip. Hover over a protein drop on the canvas, and a tooltip will display the protein volume, well condition volume, additive volume, total volume, and additives in the drop.

04 Drop Info Tooltip

Other enhancements

  • Drop numbers are now displayed on images
  • Tree nodes can now be renamed through the tree node's context menu
  • The 'Owner' field is now automatically selected when you create a project or experiment

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