Rock Maker 2.1: New simple text search; copy and paste to external applications; Crystal Farm and Crystal Track integration; and more

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Rock Maker 2.1 adds many new features to the software, including the ability to copy and paste to external applications such as Microsoft Excel, Notepad, and Microsoft Word, a simple text search to find experiments and screens, many new integrations and much more.

Copying and pasting conditions to external applications. This feature enables users to copy a single layer or a selected well from the canvas and paste them in MS Excel, MS Word, or Notepad.

01 Copying and Pasting Conditions to External Applications

Simple text search. This feature enables users to search experiments or screens using a simple text search to find matches in any of the various screen/experiment properties, such as experiment name, barcode, experiment notes, plate name, etc.

02 Simple Text Search

Exporting grids. All grids in Rock Maker can now be exported to MS Excel, MS Word, Notepad, or as an XML spreadsheet.

03 Exporting Grids

Rock Maker editions.  Now Rock Maker will be available in three different editions:

  • Enterprise Edition: Rock Maker with full functionality
  • Plate Viewer Edition: Contains the plate viewing functionality, but has restricted experiment design features.
  • Experiment Designer Edition: Contains experiment design and liquid dispensing features, but has no image related functionality.

Matrix Maker XML. This new integration feature allows Matrix Maker users to export experiment data into an XML format that is compatible with the XML Import in Crymon.

04 Matrix Maker XML

Other enhancements:

  • Arial is now the default font for all reports
  • In the Microfluidic Report, "Fit to Page" is now unchecked by default
  • The experiment report now lists all ingredient stocks used in that particular experiment
  • Option to include the Time Tab images in the Single Drop Report
  • The inspection date is now listed at the bottom of the reports
  • Ability to store report defaults at user level
  • Option to exclude screen conditions from a given report
  • Multiple Licenses for same seat, includes support for Rock Maker editions
  • An alert appears when users try to make a Design Report for an empty experiment
  • Rock Maker updates custom values in the Grid layer when a file is saved, there is no need to quit MS Excel
  • There is now an easier way to activate licenses
  • Temporary license notification now appears during last 30 days of the license
  • Temporary license supports new Rock Maker editions by allowing the user to select what edition to use
  • Temporary license activator allows users to create licenses valid up to 365 days
  • Shared files framework will now retry checking out files if it fails initially. The wait time can be set in the configuration file
  • Rock Maker shows an alert when the user tries to generate Screen Stocks Report for an empty screen
  • The Rock Maker edition is now shown in the 'About' box
  • Software now shows current computers using the application on concurrent license type violations
  • Rock Maker shows an alert when a user generates an Ingredient Report for an empty experiment or screen

Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible. Rock Maker no longer needs administrative privileges to run on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

01 Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible

Image cleanup. The Plate ID has been added to the Rock Imager Processor log files.

02 Image Cleanup

Export image management results. Users can now export the results that appear in the Image Management window. The results can be exported into .csv, .xml, or .txt formats. To do this, right-click anywhere in the table and select "Export..."

03 Export Image Management Results

Other enhancements:

  • The fields displayed on the Search drop down menu are now sorted
  • The search function now displays a result count
  • The search results have row numbers
  • Double-clicking an experiment plate in search results opens that plate in Image Mode

Crystal Farm direct integration. This integration enables users to import images of drops created by Crystal Farm Imagers directly to Rock Maker.

Crystal Track integration. This integration enables users to import ingredients from Crystal Track's xml format into Rock Maker. It also enables Rock Maker users to export their screens and experiments into an XML file that can be read by Crystal Track.

01 Crystal Track Integration

Custom concentration values. This feature enables users to provide concentration values for each well in experiment manually through a spreadsheet for Grid Experiments. When "Custom" is selected for concentration values, a spreadsheet will open that displays a similar configuration as that of the experiment. User can enter values manually and/or apply formulas to calculate them. When user closes the spreadsheet, the values are transferred into Rock Maker and shown on the canvas.

02 Custom Concentration Values

Drag ingredients to layer. This new functionality will enable the user to drag ingredients from the ingredient list directly to a layer on the canvas. User can opt to either add the ingredient to an existing layer (if there is only one layer used in the experiment) or select the layer from a dialog (if multiple layers are used in the experiment).

03 Drag Ingredients to Layer

Modifying an experiment after dispensing. Users can now modify some of fields in designed experiments after they are dispensed. The user is allowed to change the following after an experiment is dispensed or marked as dispensed: Setup Temp (*C), Incubation Temp (*C), Reducing Volume, Notebook Page #, Owner, and Date Dispensed.

04 Modifying an Experiment after Dispensing

Using prepared stocks. This new prepared stocks functionality will allow the user to replace currently employed stocks with ones that are marked as prepared ones in a particular condition.

05 Using Prepared Stocks

Concentration units in drop down. Concentration units can now be selected from a drop down menu while creating ingredients. These units can be configured through the system properties in Rock Maker.

06 Concentration Units in Drop Down

Drop info tooltip. The drop info tooltip shows information related to the protein layer and any associated drop additives. Hold your mouse over any drop on the canvas to display.

07 Drop Info Tooltip

Generate test emails. This is an option allows the user to send a test email to support in order to verify that email has been configured properly.

08 Generate Test Emails

Edit the barcode date. Date printed in barcode is now configurable as following:

  • CreationDate | Creation date of experiment
  • DispenseDate | Dispense date of experiment
  • TodayDate | Current date

Progress bar for screen repair. Now when a screen is being repaired, a progress bar will appear.

09 Progress Bar for Screen Repair

Help message for Client ID. Now a help message is displayed regarding the user's license and assigned Client ID.

10 Help Message for Client ID

Lock layer. With this feature, any layer on the canvas can be locked. A locked layer cannot be resized, nor can the user add ingredients/conditions to the layer. A locked Random layer will not regenerate if it is moved or copied.

11 Lock Layer

Selected well's plate gets selected on the tree. In a multi-plate experiment, when you select a well of a plate that plate gets selected on the tree also.

12 Selected Well's Plate gets Selected on the Tree

Close all tabs. Now the user can close multiple tabs at once by using the "Close All" option on the File menu.

13 Close All Tabs

Other enhancements:

  • Removed "Display Barcode" from the menu when a user right-clicks an experiment plate on the tree
  • First name of user can be exported from MatrixMaker
  • CAS number can be exported now from MatrixMaker
  • Hid the 'Notify' column on the schedules grid on the experiment tab
  • Ability to modify the information and order shown on a barcode
  • Ability to have up to 6 lines in the barcode
  • Users cannot delete plates in Rock Maker that are located in an imager
  • Seat details will be shown on license activation dialog

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