Rock Maker 2.2: Data search and analysis; Image leveling

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Data search and analysis tools. Rock Maker’s search functionality has been completely overhauled with more powerful data search and analysis functions. These brand new features make your data search fast and effective. Now a user can simply identify search criteria from a list and quickly drag and drop to narrow the search without any additional commands or filters. There are dozens of viewing options (charts, lists, etc.) that can focus and expand on selected items for data mining. Finally, to ensure your data analyses efforts are robust and versatile, Rock Maker now allows you to compare information across multiple experiments instead of being bound to just one at a time!

Visualize and interact with your results! Data analyses efforts have now become interactive and hands-on – allowing the user to have full control of what information is displayed, and exactly how it is displayed. Now you can analyze and compare data using interactive pie charts, 3D bar graphs, data lists (to name just a few!) to set up fast and easy data mining efforts.

Event Log. You can now view a report of plate movements by using Event Log. Simply go to File > Reports > Event Log to open dialog box on picture below. Define start and end date of plate movement you wish to view, then you can also export this event log by click on Export to File, save the file (.txt format) and open it using notepad.

Improved search criteria selection. Drag and drop fields let you narrow your search to eliminate sifting through insignificant information. The overhauled controls make the selection and setting of values for search criteria much more efficient than previous versions.

Improved column selection for results. Now you can customize what data is displayed by Rock Maker by dragging the desired fields into the display columns as pictured below.

You can now display the data in the design view, the ingredient view, and the image view - just as you would elsewhere in Rock Maker.

With fully interactive 3d charting of compiled data, you can now get a much clearer picture of your results. A 3d chart lets you rotate and zoom to map out and precisely compare results to obtain more valuable information.

Image tuning. Window Leveling is a new image processing tool added to Rock Imager and Rock Maker that dramatically enhances UV imaging in the following ways:

  • Significantly enhances the brightness and contrast of images
  • Removes noise from protein in solution and out of focus objects
  • Adds auto exposure, eliminates the need for capturing images at multiple exposure times
  • Imaging up to 4x faster

Rock Maker now allows you to adjust the histogram of an image through the Image Tuning tab. The Image Tuning tab provides controls to tune images for better display.

View last image. For quicker access, the designer, image, and ingredient view modes on the canvas can now be accessed directly through the toolbar. These used to be located on the right-click menu of the canvas. Additionally you can cycle through these views using the shortcut key F4.

Startup tips. Rock Maker now provides useful tips at startup. Random tips on how to use Rock Maker features are available whenever you run the Rock Maker software. This helps you to easily get better understanding about the Rock Maker features.

Selection of wells and layers through simultaneous clicks. Rock Imager (Multi Imager) now can check last image that viewed using different cameras. Go to Imager on menu bar and you can select available options, view last image (CTRL+1) to open image that last viewed. The image that displayed will appear using three cameras, visible, ultraviolet and SONICC.

Customizable UI. You can now customize the Rock Maker user interface organization by repositioning tabs, resizing panels, converting a panel into a floating window, and moving panels to a different area in the user interface. This gives you more flexibility to arrange the application panels as desired. Any settings you have made will be saved and used whenever you open the software in the future.

Capture profiles based on imaging schedule events. Rock Maker now allows you to set different schedules for each different capture profile, both at the global and experiment levels. For instance, you could set the imager to use UV imaging on the 3rd and the 7th day of an experiment, while visible light imaging is set to image daily.

Search ingredients. Rock Maker now allows you to search ingredients in the setup section. Searches are live and the results are updated as you type. This process is much faster and saves time in finding the ingredient name.

Imager quota. Both Rock Maker and the Rock Imager software allow you to manage the number of plates that can be stored in the Rock Imager storage hotel based on groups, by setting quotas to those groups. If a limit is reached, then additional plates belonging to that group will not be able to be stored. Quotas are optional.

Other enhancements. The experiment designer has been improved and now clearly shows the layer name headersExperiment With Images opens in image mode when double-clicked by default

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