Rock Maker 2.3: Drop and Compare tabs added to Search & Filter; Score View; Image refresh

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Rock Maker 2.3 includes updates to Search & Filter such as Drop and Compare view as well as additional information tabs; score view, which provides a new way to look at the canvas; auto-leveling improvements and more.

Search & Filter now has Drop tab and Compare tab functionality. Inspect your drops with the high resolution images using the drop canvas. The Compare view allows you to compare up to 4 drops, whether they are on the same experiment or not.

01 Search&Filter now has Drop tab and Compare tab functionality

Search & Filter now has Information Tabs. See the ingredients that compose any selected item on your result via the standard Well Info, Protein and Additive tabs – all without leaving your search.

02 Search&Filter now has Information Tabs

Score View added to Plate Viewer and Search & Filter. A new plate view (besides Design, Ingredient, and Image views) has been added to show image scores. This helps users get a better view of scores for all images at once. In case of manual scores each score is represented with a hotkey and designated color. Color gradation is used to represent intermediate values (for example if 0 is assigned the color yellow and 2 is assigned the color green, the value 1.05 will be represented by a shade of yellow-green, as seen below.)

Scores can now be numeric, suitable for automated scoring processors such as FRAP, our first processor that quantifies protein mobility in LCP plates.

03 Score View added to Plate Viewer and Search&Filter

Refresh Images in Image View. Users can refresh their image view and see new images as they arrive from the imagers without having to reopen the experiment.

04 Refresh Images in Image View

Inspection Tools – Export, Import & Delete Images. Users can now export images and import them into any Rock Maker database, enabling them to easily share their work with users at different labs.

05 Inspection Tools Export, Import&Delete Images


Auto-leveling now has two working modes: “Apply per drop” and “Apply per inspection”.

  • “Apply per drop” replicates the existing default functionality. Window leveling is applied to each image’s histogram individually. This helps ensure that your crystals are easy to distinguish from the image background.
  • The new feature, “Per inspection mode”, applies window leveling according to an aggregate histogram of the all the images being examined. This locks in the same comparative brightness across all images.

06 Auto-Leveling Modes

Plate Inspections to Score. This drop-down menu in the Scheduling tab offers easy access to a list of plates that have been recently imaged and are waiting to be scored.

07 Plate Inspections to Score

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