Rock Imager 2.4: Dual imager support; Better UV images; Software menu name changes

July 28, 2011 by Astri Leave a Comment

The Rock Imager 2.4 release includes an enhancement for UV extended focus images, support for dual imagers in a single Rock Imager 1000 chassis, and some menu name changes in the software.

Support for Dual Imagers. Rock Imager can now house two imagers. You can switch between the imagers using the new Imager control drop-down menu located on the right side of the user interface.

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The imager options represent the imagers that are installed in the system. The rest of the imaging control will change based on which imager you select from the Imager Control menu.

In addition, two new options have been added to the Imager menu: Move Plate to Imager Top and Move Plate to Imager Bottom.

UV Image Enhancement. The Extended Focus Imaging (EFI) algorithm system used by Rock Imager has been improved in order to reduce noise in the resulting EFI. Below are some samples before (left) and after (right) images.

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Event Log. You can now view a report of system events that occur within a specific time period by using the Event Log, which can be found in the Reports menu under the File menu. The Event Log tracks:

  1. All plate movements (i.e., movement from the load port to the storage, the storage to the imager, and the storage to the load port).
  2. Plate inspection events (scheduled and manually queued).

Config File Backup Tool. Rock Imager now automatically backs up all configuration files as part of your database backups. If the imager PC crashes, you can quickly retrieve your backup configuration files. By default, Rock Imager will back up the configuration files once every two weeks.

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User Interface Changes. Below are some Rock Imager menus before (left) and after (right) the changes.

9-21-2015 10-53-12 AM

  1. Save Image  has been moved to the File menu, and Save Image With Scalebar has been renamed Save Image.
  2. View last Visible image and View last Ultraviolet image have been renamed View Last Image.
  3. Move Plate to Storage appears when the plate in the imager is loaded from the load port. Move Plate to Load Port appears when the plate in the imager is loaded from the storage.
  4. Best Fit. By default, Rock Imager now shows the “Live Image” window in “Best Fit” mode. Rock Imager can automatically adjust the size of the Live Image screen to fit in the Imager tab. To toggle between Best Fit and Actual Size mode, go to Imager and select Best Fit.
  5. View Last Image. It is now easy to view the last image captured from different cameras. Click Imager and select View Last Image, or press CTRL+1. Notification text will appear in the upper-right corner of the image to indicate which camera was used.


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