Formulator 1.13: Formulator 10 now available; New secondary wash, pause dispense option; improved prime controls and more

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Formulator 1.13 introduces the Formulator 10, which features ten reagent inputs. It also brings several changes to the Formulator control software, including a new secondary wash option, the ability to pause a dispense, the ability to prime all reagent inputs at once and more.

Support for Formulator 10. Formulator F10 is a new Formulator option with ten reagent inputs. This update makes sure that you can control the F10 using the software you are familiar with.

Configurable Secondary Wash. The three wash types -- input, internal, and external -- each now have a secondary wash. To learn more about secondary wash cycles, see Advanced Wash Options.

Dispense Pause. The dispense pause was created to pause the dispensing process, so that you are able to refill the reagent bottle/water tank in the middle of the process without aborting it. Go to Device > Pause to initiate the dispense pause. The dispense pause time limit is 10 minutes by default, but you can change the default setting. To do so please go to File > Options > Show advanced options and fill the Pause Timeout with desired value. If you go beyond the time limit, the Formulator will cancel the current dispense process and then ask you to run the internal and external wash.

Prime All Inputs. This feature enables the Formulator to pull liquid from all detected reagent bottles and fill the reagent collector channel. To prime the inputs, press CTRL+SHIFT+P, or go to the Device menu and select Prime All Inputs.

Switch Water Input from Back Panel into Bottle. The Formulator can dispense 100% water. However, if you have not set up a water bottle on any of the inputs, the Formulator will automatically use the water tank at the back panel for 100% water dispenses.

Provide Warning/Error Information Dialog Box. If the Formulator runs into an error, a dialog box will help you identify and resolve the issues. Click the warning button in the lower right corner to reveal the notification.

Incompatible Reagents listed on Formulatrix website. The Formulator can directly connect to Formulatrix website for a list of incompatible reagents. It helps you to identify various types of reagents which can or cannot be used in the system. Please go to Help > Chemical Compatibility Information to see the complete list.

Wash All Primed Inputs Before Shut Down. This feature is used for safely shutting down the Formulator. “Auto prepare for shut down” should be activated first. Go to File > Option > Check the Auto prepare for shutdown in General tab. When you’re closing the Formulator software, you will see a new dialog box which offers you to wash all primed inputs (This appears only when wash all primed inputs is not done yet).

Bottle Removal Warning. If you accidentally remove a reagent bottle from an input while you are running a wash or prime cycle, the system will display a warning message and halt the wash or prime cycle.

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