Formulator 1.14: Automatic input priming; more wash options

November 15, 2011 by Astri Leave a Comment

The release of Formulator 1.14 includes the ability to automatically prime the chip, the ability to add duplicate reagents to the same stock list, and advanced wash configuration controls.

Automatic Prime. The Formulator can now be configured to automatically prime the chip. You can set the desired automatic prime time for the Formulator to start and the number of priming cycles to be applied to your experiment. When you are using viscous reagents or liquid, the automatic prime can help you eliminate any bubbles from your dispense.  To configure the automatic prime, go to Tools > Options > Show advanced option > Prime Dispensing Timeout.

Ability to Add Duplicate Reagents to the Stock List. We’ve made the "Stock List" more flexible; you can now add duplicate reagent types to the "Stock List". This feature is intended to eliminate any restriction on using duplicate reagents in your experiment. However, you must use different barcodes for each reagent bottle.

Advanced Wash Configuration. The advanced wash configuration allows you to view and modify more complete wash settings as necessary. There are 13 main features that can be applied to the washing process, such as After Bottle Dispense, After Plate Dispense, After Prime Input, Auto External Wash, Auto Internal Wash, Before Plate Dispense, Idle Input Wash, Manual External Wash, Manual Input Wash, Manual Internal Wash, Shutdown, Standby and System Startup. Please note that advanced wash configuration is intended for advanced users only.

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