Rock Maker 2.4: Faster Search & Filter, new screen analysis chart, plate state icons, and more

April 13, 2012 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Maker 2.4 brings performance improvements to Search & Filter, a new chart that helps you analyze the effectiveness of different screens, icons in the Explorer that help you identify the status of the plate, and more.

Data Search & Filter: Performance Improvements. Search your database quickly and effectively with the improved Search & Filter. Rock Maker returns results faster than ever and is now able to search larger databases that were previously impossible.

01 Data Search&Filter Performance Improvements

Screen hits analysis. Determine which screens are most likely to produce crystals quickly and easily with visual analysis of the new Screen Hits chart. Just another way Search & Filter can break down your data and provide answers in just a few seconds.

02 Screen Hits Analysis

Plate state icons. Identify the state of your screens, experiments and plates with the new status icons in the Explorer. These buttons tell you at a glance whether a plate has been designed, dispensed, imaged, viewed and whether it has expired.

03 Plate State Icons

Auto update. Stay up to date with the latest versions via automatic update. Rock Maker can check for new releases at start up, or you can manually initiate a check at any time from the Help menu.

04 Auto Update

Image management. Tidy up your image library with the intuitive interface. Simply specify a scoring criteria and age (in days) of the images you want to move or delete.

05 Image Management User Interface

Screen import usability. Import screens with ease using our newly streamlined Screen Import tool, which guides you through the process and helps you to resolve ingredient conflicts.

06 Screen Import Usability

Plate info enhancement. Copy protein drop and well contents from the Plate Info tab of one experiment, then paste them directly into another. You can also generate a single drop report of one or more wells directly from the Plate Info tab.

07 Plate Info Enhancement

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