Rock Imager 2.6: Faster visible light imaging time; Automatic brightness and laser power compensation

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Up to 40% Decrease in Visible Imaging Time. We have made changes "behind the scenes" to optimize imaging time resulting in a 40% time decrease for 5 MP imaging with Fixed or Auto Exposure brightness settings. 1.2 MP imaging time has decreased by 35%. See the following chart for performance improvement data.

2 point 6 performance

Note: The imaging time varies from plate to plate; results vary depending on plate type, camera exposure, resolution and Max Focus settings.

Drop Location Positions Saved for Subsequent Inspections. One of the ways we have reduced imaging time is by saving drop location to memory, so the imager can skip that step on subsequent inspections. If you want the imager to define the drop location again, you can clear the drop location from memory on a per-well or per-plate basis on the Scheduling or Plates tab in Rock Imager.

2 point 6 drop-location

Four Drop Positions in Plate Configuration and Calibration. We have added a H1 drop location position for increased plate imaging accuracy.  This change is backwards compatible with previous installs of Rock Imager. The new drop location position will be automatically calculated.

2 point 6 four-drop

Imager Event Log Table Sorted by Time. All system activities are display chronologically by default.

2 point 6 imager-event

Automatic Brightness and Laser Power Compensation. You no longer need to reset the exposure after you change the zoom when looking at your drop in manual mode. Laser power now automatically decreases when you zoom in, which is especially useful for ROIs. The laser power and binning are automatically adjusted when the zoom level changes to provide optimal exposure settings. See the images below for reference.

2 point 6 before


2 point 6 after

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