Rock Imager 2.7: SONICC improvements; Better Drop Location; New Field of View controls

July 18, 2012 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Imager 2.7 adds several enhancements, including various improvements to the SONICC system, Field of View (FOV) optic controls and better automatic detection of LCP drops.

SONICC Laser Automatically Powers Off After Switching to Emergency Power. If there is a power failure and your imager switches over to an alternative power supply, the laser will automatically shut down after a set period of time to prevent damage.

Ability to Switch from Current Position in Visible to Same Position in SONICC (New For Dual Imager). You can now locate an area of interest in visible light and then instruct Rock Imager to show you the same area with the SONICC imager (manual imaging only).

Field Of View (FOV) Optic Control Added to All Imagers. You can now set the size of the image through the zoom control or the new FOV control and the opposite control will automatically populate with the correct values.

2 point 7 fov

Rock Imager Processor (RIP) Improved. Running multiple RIP applications to keep up with image processing tasks? RIP has been modified to meet high processing demand eradicating the need for multiple applications.

LCP Drop Location Algorithm More Robust and Reliable. LCP drops lying at the edge of a precipitant are now located by Rock Imager's new algorithm. The size of the drop can be specified in the plate configuration page to make the algorithm more accurate. See the example images below for visual representations of old versus new LCP drop location algorithms.

2 point 7 drop location 1

2 point 7 drop location 2

Using QIAGEN Plates in Your System. Warning messages will now alert you to leave two slots open for Qiagen plates to prevent plate crashes due to different plate dimensions.

2 point 7 qiagen

User Interface Improvements. The plate configuration dialog box has been updated to reflect the latest algorithm and software changes.

2 point 7 ui improvements 2Before                                                                       After

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