Rock Maker 2.5: Search & Filter improvements; Report improvements

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Search and Filter Improvements 

New predefined charts in well drop. Analyze your data with the following powerful and new charts: Project vs No. of Drops and Protein Concentration vs No. of Drops.

02 New Predefined Charts in Well Drop

Context sensitive search and filter queries. Right click on any node of the tree, select Analyze and the query that you're interested in. The query will automatically run within the scope of the selected node.

03 Context Sensitive Search and Filter Queries

Store search and filter queries in any folder. You can create Search & Filter queries in any folder and move them from folder to folder. This will give you easy access when you have queries that make more sense for certain projects or when your folder organization is set up by team.

04 Store Search and Filter Queries in any Folder

Launch reports from results. You can launch an experiment and drop report directly from your results. Read more about Single Drop Reports.

05 Launch Reports from Results

Search by "Used Screen". If you want to filter your results by a used screen, select the Used Screen field. Alternatively, this can be used to see the specific screens used in each wells within the results grid.

06 Search by Used Screen

Identifying scores in search results. You can view and give your scores in multiple experiments through the Search Results box. You must make sure that you have set the Well Drop Score Name to show by right-clicking in the Search Fields box and select Show.

07 Identifying Scores in Search Results

Saving search and filter. Now, when you store your queries, the whole context of the search will be stored, including the chart and filters.


Other Improvements 

Edit after dispense. You are now able to change the design of an experiment after it has been dispensed or imaged. This changing has to be handled with care as you might lose traceability. That is why a warning appears before entering this mode. Lab administrators are also able to turn this functionality off if they deem it too dangerous.

08 Edit after Dispense

Drag protein into canvas. Drag your protein anywhere in the canvas and Rock Maker will add it to the layer where you dropped it. As you hover over the wells, the destination drop will be highlighted.

Capture Info tab. See the capture profile’s actual configuration values at the time of image capture. This is only available with Rock Imager 2.8 and later.

09 Capture Info Tab

Disable region imaging. You can now disable the imaging of a region without deleting the region definition. You can re-enable imaging later.

10 Disable Region Imaging


Report Improvements 

Multiple experiments and capture profiles. You can run a report for multiple experiments. The current experiment will be selected by default; you can add additional experiments if you want to. Similarly images from the current and additional capture profiles can be included into the report.

11 Multiple Experiments and Capture Profiles

Image Management Improvement 

Viewing action status and filtering preview results. Image management jobs now happen in the background allowing you to continue to do other work in Rock Maker. You are able to view the progress of the job via a live report.

01 Viewing Action Status and Filtering Preview Results

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