Rock Imager 2.8: Instant Imaging; RIP status added to status bar; Better plate calibration

January 21, 2013 by Astri Leave a Comment

Auto Update. Stay up to date with the latest versions via automatic update. Rock Imager can check for new releases at start up, or you can manually initiate a check at any time from the Help menu.

Enhanced Plate Calibration. Camera offsets are now calibrated at four different locations instead of one, resulting in more accurate image overlays between Visible and UV or SONICC images. Support must change some settings to utilize this feature, so please contact us if you find that your offsets between visible and UV are off.

Manually Imaging Plates without Barcodes. You can now image a plate without first having to set up an experiment in Rock Maker by selecting Load Plate Type from Plate Control or Instant Imaging from the Imager menu.

No barcode support-IV

Instant Imaging. Experiments can be generated directly from Rock Imager with a new feature called Instant Imaging, available from the Imager menu. You can image an entire plate or a few select wells. Rock Imager Processor will send the images to Rock Maker. (Requires Rock Maker 2.6.).

Rock Imager Processor (RIP) Status Displayed on Status Bar. The status bar now conveys information about whether RIP is on or off. RIP should always be running to ensure that images are passed over to Rock Maker. Notification emails are also sent out to warn you that RIP is not running.

RIP is On

Barcode Information Added to the Plate List. You can now search for plates by their barcodes.

Barcode Column

Capture Profile Information Viewable in Rock Maker. Capture profile information is now available through a new Capture Info Tab in Rock Maker, which is especially useful for images taken manually (available in Rock Maker 2.5).

Capture Info

ImagerLink v. Imager Link changes are of interest only to customers who integrate their own LIMS systems to Rock Imager.  These changes are optional, Rock Imager will be backwards compatible to your old implementations if you choose to ignore these.  Read more about the ImagerLink API.

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