Rock Maker 2.6: Slideshow view; Compare images; New score types

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Image Display Enhancements

Slideshow view. Experiment images can now be displayed as a slideshow. Slideshow controls include play, pause, previous, and next controls. You can also score your images while viewing the slideshow with the associated keyboard hotkey.

Easily compare images from different inspections and capture profiles. You can now view side-by-side comparisons of drop images from different inspections or capture profiles on the Compare tab. The image at right shows a comparison of a default image with an Ultraviolet image from a different inspection.

Easily differentiate between manual and inherited scores. Don’t remember how an image got a certain score? No problem. New image score symbols convey whether an image score was inherited from a previous inspection, automatically assigned by an imager, or manually assigned by you.

Scores you assigned manually appear in the normal fashion. Scores that were “inherited” are now outlined in the previous score color. “Inherited” means new images have been taken since you last scored the drop. Images with scores assigned by an imager (i.e. FRAP) display with a small black triangle in the upper-left corner.

Image Control Enhancements

Image toolbar available in compare mode. Previously, you could only access the Image Toolbar when viewing images from the Drop tab. Now you can freely define regions of interest, draw, scribble, annotate, and measure parts of your image directly from the Compare tab.

Enable/disable capture profiles. Don’t want to use certain capture profiles? No problem. You can now enable and disable capture profiles by checking or unchecking the box in the Enabled column from the Capture Profiles page, removing possible confusion when configuring imaging schedules on a project or experiment level later on.

03 Enable Disable Capture Profiles

Enable/disable drop imaging. Speed up the imaging time by turning off image captures for certain drops and feel free to change your mind later; you can now enable and disable imaging on a drop-by-drop basis. A red slash button (see buttons outlined in green) indicates that imaging has been disabled for a certain drop.

04 Enable Disable Drop Imaging

Exclude first and/or last images from Image Management Tasks. Free up disk space and keep important images. You can now exclude the first and/or last inspection of a project or experiment by checking the appropriate box on the Image Management Task page.

06 Exclude First and or Last Images from Image Management Tasks

Lock image zoom and position settings. Want your imager to focus on a particular area of the drop at a specific zoom level with a single click of the mouse? Done. We’ve added a new button to the toolbar, as shown below.

07 Lock Image Zoom and Position Settings

Include image zoom in drop reports. You can now include the zoomed-in version of an image in your printed reports. Simply click the checkbox next to the new “Use Current Zoom” field beneath Single Drop Report Options.

Printing Options

General Enhancements

Improved Rock Imager integration. Rock Maker is now better integrated with Rock Imager. If you create an experiment via Instant Imaging in Rock Imager, Rock Maker automatically adds it to a new Instant Imaging folder in the Projects node of the Explorer tree (see right). Note: Requires Rock Imager 2.8 or newer.


Inherited date and time format. Rock Maker now automatically displays date and time settings where appropriate according to your computer’s date and time settings.

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