Rock Maker 3.0: Software redesign; new Screen Experiment Wizard

May 09, 2014 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Maker 3.0 brought many visual changes to Rock Maker. It represented months of planning and many long days of development work, so we hope you like it.

Rock Maker 3

Here's what was new in 3.0:

  • More readily-available Rock Maker commands
  • Screen Experiment Wizard
  • Quick access to recent documents
  • Imaging priority control
  • New Search and Filter graph
  • Capture Profiles now called Imaging Settings
  • Option to turn off Autoscoring
  • Windows 8.1 support

More readily-available Rock Maker commands. Rock Maker has become quite powerful over the years, and as a result many features have become hidden or buried under right-click menus. So, we decided to overhaul the software to bring all of Rock Maker's power and flexibility to the forefront. When you first start Rock Maker 3.0, you will notice a lot of change. Instead of using right-click menus, toolbars, and regular menus, you will use the ribbon to find the commands you need and tools you use. Commands are organized into tabs, and then further organized into groups. Some tabs only appear when they are relevant. For example, you will only see tabs related to images if an experiment has images. Don't worry -- many commands are still available through right-click menus to help you with the transition. In addition, information that used to appear in tabs at the bottom of Rock Maker now appears as needed in panels at the right of your screen.

Read all about the new software in the Rock Maker Software section of this help file. You can also learn where all of your most-used functions are by going through some of the latest tours in Rock Maker University.

Ribbon Menu

Screen Experiment Wizard. Generate several experiments at once when screening a protein formulation with the new Screen Experiment Wizard. You can even save your settings as a template in case you have a favorite set of screens you like to use. Learn more about the Screen Experiment Wizard.

screen wizard image

Quick access to recent documents. Quickly find the experiments, proteins, and documents you've been working on with Rock Maker's new Recent Documents list.

Recent docs

Imaging priority control. If you open the Scheduling control panel from the Explorer, you will see a new Priority column after the Notify column. You can adjust priority to fit your needs on a per-inspection basis -- assigning a priority of 1 means that an imaging session will take precedence over any other scheduled sessions in Rock Imager's imaging queue. By default, earlier inspections are assigned highest priority, and Image Now always gets the highest possible priority.


New Search and Filter graph: Protein Formulation Concentration vs. Number of Hits. Visually identify the concentration that a protein formulation produces hits at with our latest addition to the Search and Filter graph options.

protein conc

Imaging Settings are the new Capture Profile. In order to make Rock Maker easier to understand for new users, we've renamed some of the terms used in Rock Maker. "Capture Profiles" are now called "Imaging Settings".

Option to turn off Autoscoring. If you have UV or SONICC imaging, you can now disable Autoscoring. See Enabling and Disabling Autoscores for more information.


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