Rock Imager 2.13: Improved UV EFI images and Drop Location algorithm; Extended SONICC photomultiplier tube (PMT) life

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Rock Imager 2.13 adds 64-bit and Windows 8 compatibility, as well as improvements to UV images, the drop location algorithm, SONICC PMT life, and more.

All Rock Imagers

64-Bit compatibility. Rock Imager now supports 64-bit computing for Windows 7 and newer. Due to lack of a suitable 64-bit camera driver, and best efforts to resolve subsequent technical issues, the only way for us to offer 64-bit compatibility is if you decide to purchase a new camera -- which we purchase from a different vendor -- for your imager. Please contact your sales rep for a quote.

Improved Drop Location. Behind-the-scenes configuration changes provide you with increased drop location detection accuracy.

System usage charts in the Imager Event Log. The Imager Event Log now includes a chart to provide visual feedback about how the imager is being used. You can choose from Plate Type, User Name or Group for the X-axis; the Y-axis displays Usage in Hours. The chart can be saved as an image and data can be exported to Excel. If you have Rock Imager with multiple light paths, you can further organize data by light path. For example, if you have visible and SONICC, your data will be separated into SONICC and visible categories.

Imager Event Log-1

’Capture Profiles’ renamed to ‘Imaging Settings’. In the interest of making Rock Imager and Rock Maker easier for new researchers to use, we’re saying goodbye to capture profiles. While the functionality stays the same, you’ll see the phrase ‘Imaging Settings’ in its place throughout the Rock Imager and Rock Maker programs.

Windows 8 compatibility. Rock Imager is ready to upgrade to Windows 8 when you are.


UV Imagers

See more microcrystals in UV EFI images. We’ve tweaked some behind-the-scenes settings so that small crystals hidden in dense precipitant are now less likely to be missed when reviewing images. As you can see in the example images below, tiny crystals show up in the new image, but are “smoothed out” and lost in the old image.

UV EFI images

Sitting drop before UV EFI improvement

UV EFI images-II

Sitting drop after UV EFI improvement

SONICC Imagers

Extended SONICC photomultiplier tube (PMT) life through smarter software. If Rock Imager detects too much signal during UV-TPEF or SHG imaging, imaging will automatically stop in order to protect the photomultiplier tube sensors, extending the life of your SONICC imager. If you are using SONICC in manual mode, a message will appear asking you to reduce the laser power. If SONICC is running in automatic mode, the drop producing too much signal will be skipped. If three drops are skipped in a row, then the plate will be skipped for that imaging setting.

Additional control over images with a new gain setting. We’ve added new controls to the Rock Imager software so that you can adjust the signal to noise ratio in your images. Previously, gain was set through the configuration files to a default of 5%. You can now lower the threshold if desired, which is beneficial in situations where a drop’s contents generate very-low voltage signal. However, you should expect to see more noise in your images. If you increase the threshold, your images will show less noise, but you sacrifice signal from the drop.


Increased Autoscoring accuracy. We're actively working to improve autoscoring for UV/SONICC images. Automatic scoring is a difficult area to perfect. We've taken your feedback about UV/SONICC autoscoring and made some configuration changes. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can continue to improve this feature!


Rock Imager 2 and FRAP BENCHTOP Imagers

Smarter imaging. You will now be asked which “slot” to image before your imager starts imaging plates without barcodes, saving time and making the software more intuitive. In each imager, slot 1 is on the left and slot 2 is on the right.

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