Rock Maker 3.2: Flexible Explorer width; Labeled Region of Interest boxes; Lock Zoom

January 21, 2015 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Maker 3.2 introduces a brand new version of Rock Maker Web, a switch from a fixed-width to flexible-width Explorer side panel, labels on the colored region of interest boxes, "lock zoom" functionality in new places and more.


Flexible Explorer width is back! The Explorer (a.k.a. "tree") width is flexible once again. You can move it to whatever width you like and Rock Maker will remember your sizing preference.

Flexible Explorer

Labeled Region of Interest boxes. Region of Interest (ROI) boxes now include labels to show you which imaging type is related to which box. These boxes show you the imaging area possible with the limitations of each specific lens.

Labeled ROI boxes

Lock zoom while on the Compare tab. You can now set a zoom on a drop and "lock" it, which means Rock Maker will hold the zoom settings as you view subsequent drops on the plate.

Lock zoom while on the Compare tab

Lock zoom during a slide show. Rock Maker now allows you to set a zoom preference and keep it while viewing each drop on the plate, instead of resetting the zoom to show you the entire image for each new drop.

Clear manual drop location ROIs from Rock Imager. If you've manually set the drop locations in Rock Maker for an LCP plate, you can now delete them all at once from Rock Imager. See the Rock Imager help file for more details.

Clear all ingredients from Rack Editor. Now you can conveniently clear all the ingredients from the Rack Editor at once. Simply right-click while in the Rack Editor and select "clear all ingredients".


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