Rock Maker 3.3: New optimization wizard, new Hit Report

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Rock Maker 3.3 introduces a wizard designed to help you quickly create optimization experiments, a new style of report that summarizes information in drops scored as hits, and much more.

Create an Optimization experiment with a few mouse clicks. Click a well, or hold down the CTRL key and click to select several wells -- then click the Optimize button and Rock Maker will walk you through setting up an optimization with either a grid layer or a random layer.

Optimization screenshot

Hit Report. Once you have configured which scores denote a hit, you can create a Hit report on any folder, experiment, or project from the Explorer. The Hit Report will tell you which ingredients contributed to a hit, how many times those ingredients appeared across all hits, the pH and concentration ranges that contributed to a hit, and then show you the Visible (Default) image of each drop that was scored as a hit.

Hit Report

Clear scores with hotkeys. Accidentally scored a drop? No problem -- press the hotkey a second time to remove the score you just added to the drop. You can also remove a score by clicking the score in the Score ribbon.

Visual and auditory notifications when you reach the last drop on a plate. Rock Maker now notifies you when you've reached the end of a plate, so you do not have to catch yourself viewing the A-row drops twice.

Well Ingredients added to Score Report. Our score report now includes well ingredients, so you can scan for trends among high-scoring drops.

Well Ingredients

Custom Prefixes and Suffixes in the Screen Experiment Wizard. The Screen Experiment Wizard now allows you to add custom prefixes and suffixes to your experiments.

Prefix Suffix

Stock Location added to Ingredient Properties. We've added a free text field called Stock Location to the Stock table in Ingredient properties. Use this field to type in the location of the stock. The location of each stock will print out with the Dispensing Instructions so you can quickly locate the required stocks at your facility and load them into your liquid handler.

More Specific Image Now buttons. We've made the Image Now buttons more distinctive, so you can tell if you're imaging just a single plate in a multi-plate experiment, or the entire group of plates.

Image Now buttons

Favorite and Prepared stock filters in the stock selector. See your prepared and favorite stocks in the stock selector by selecting either Favorite or Prepared from the stock selector list.

prepared in stock selector

Locate the active Experiment in the Explorer by clicking a button. Large database, several open experiments, and not sure where in the Explorer the active experiment is? Click our GPS-style button and Rock Maker will show you where the active Experiment is in the Explorer.

Bold for new

New images now indicated with bold text. If an experiment has new images, the text will now display as bold until you view them -- no more green and red check marks.

Dispensing tools moved to the Home ribbon. In the interest of simplifying in the Explorer, we moved the Dispensing tools to the Home ribbon.

dispensing on home ribbon

Best fit button added to the View bar. You'll see a new button to the right of the zoom slider on the Viewbar. Click it at any time to bring the Canvas back into Best Fit view.

Best Fit on Viewbar

Delete layers from the Layer Gallery. You'll notice small red delete buttons on your layer icons in the layer gallery. Point your mouse at the X and it will change color; click the X and you can now quickly and easily delete a layer.

Delete layers

Ingredient Info panel replaces Well View. You asked, we listened -- Well View has been replaced with Ingredient View, for an easier-to-read presentation of drop ingredients.

New Icons. You'll see several reworked icons throughout the software, which we hope are more intuitive.

New icons reports

Image Tuning on the Image Tools tab. Image Tuning has a new home -- on the Image Tools tab. Access all the most-used tools from one tab.

image tuning on tools tab

Access Image Tools by right-clicking. Viewing an image and want quick access to the ruler tool? Right-click on the drop and all Image Tools are at your disposal.

image tools on right click

Refined Well View. If you have protein in drop 1 and drop 3 of a 3-drop plate and you like to view your drops in well view, you'll now see larger images of your drops when using Well View. Two images instead of three drops with a blank image in the middle in order to provide you with larger drop images.

An easier way to copy and paste layers. We've added several tools to the Layer ribbon so you can select a layer, then click either the cut, copy, paste, or paste as a linked layer in order to make it even easier to design and edit your experiments.

copy and paste layers

Standard keyboard zoom shortcuts. Use your keyboard to zoom in and out on the plate. CTRL+PLUS SIGN is zoom in; CTRL+MINUS SIGN is zoom out; and CTRL+0 is best fit.

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