Rock Imager 2.15: Enhanced drop location, Auto-Exposure; Better SHG EFI images

June 12, 2015 by Astri Leave a Comment

Rock Imager 2.15 includes improvements to the automatic drop location and auto-exposure algorithms, automatic SONICC laser health monitoring, better SHG images and more.


Enhanced automatic drop location. The automatic drop location detection algorithm has been enhanced to identify the larger circular “blobs” instead of smaller subsections of the drop that previously resulted in false positives. The image below shows the blue box that had previously been used as the drop location and now the red box correctly locating the protein drop. False positives from condensation droplets have also been reduced by changing the maximum aspect ratio to 1.5.

Enhanced automatic drop location

Improved Auto-Exposure. The auto-exposure algorithm has been modified to provide better images when executing the Auto-Exposure command. The code has also been adjusted to support different settings for the various cameras we have installed in the field.

Image Now imaging priority read from Rock Maker. The automated imaging schedule now stays properly prioritized despite on-demand imaging requests from Rock Maker users, as Rock Imager now reads imaging priority from Rock Maker “image now” commands, including image plate now, image drop now, and image plates now (multi-plate experiments). Requires Rock Maker or newer.

New online help file. The help file is now hosted online, providing users with immediate access to the most up-to-date information. If a customer’s imager does not have internet access, Rock Imager will load a local version of the same file which will load in a web browser.

Plate location information sent to Rock Maker. Imager now sends additional information about plate location to Rock Maker. In the future, Rock Maker will show customers if a plate is not in an imager, and provide information about which imager a plate is located in if a customer has multiple systems. Rock Maker will also disable all “Image Now” commands if a plate is not inside an imager.



Rounded UV zoom values. Zoom values for UV imaging are now rounded to the tenths decimal place.



Automatic SONICC laser health monitoring. SONICC reference plate images are now analyzed to monitor the health of the SONICC laser. If image degradation is detected, Rock Imager sends an email alert. Relevant information has also been added to the nightly diagnostic email report.

Better SHG Extended Focus Image (EFI) images. SONICC customers will notice better SHG EFI images due to some changes to the EFI algorithm, including reduced noise and inclusion or more “real” signal. The images below show the previous images on the left and the improved images on the right.

Better SONICC laser life. If the SONICC laser will not be used for two or more hours according to the automatic imaging schedule, the laser will be powered-off until next use to help extend laser lifetime



Full Recovery FRAP data points exported to Rock Maker. Rock Imager’s Imager Link now exports additional information about Full Recovery FRAP data points to Rock Maker. Future releases of Rock Maker will incorporate this additional information -- stay tuned!

Additional Full Recovery Intervals. Rock Imager can now be programmed to take more interval images during Full Recovery imaging sessions. Note that adding additional intervals increases total imaging time


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