NT8 2.6: Multi-select tasks; Plate Copy and Plate Type Editor enhancements

June 25, 2015 by Hannah Leave a Comment

The 2.6 release of the NT8 software adds the ability to multi-select in the Task List, set up commands to aspirate and dispense from the drop location at a well, an easier-to-use Plate Type Editor and more.

Multi-Select in the Task List. You can now select more than one task on the Task List panel and execute copy, paste, cut and delete commands on all items at once. Press CTRL + click to select non-consecutive items, or press SHIFT + click to select consecutive items.

Multi-select in the TaskLlist

Use the Plate Copy head to aspirate and dispense from the drop location at a well. Users can now program the NT8 to perform a plate copy using the drop location at a well, instead of being limited to the well reservoir as the aspirate and dispense location.

Easier to use Plate Type Editor. The Plate Type Editor has been revamped to be more intuitive, providing you with on-screen instructions for adding new plates to the Plate Library or editing existing ones.

Create a New Microplate_917x515

Improved Rock Maker Integration. Rock Maker integration has been improved, providing more detailed on-screen instructions for setting up Rock Maker experiments with the NT8.

Edit Offset/Volume during a Pause. Previously, changing the z-offsets and volume of an action could only be done before the NT8 executed your experiment/task list. Now, you can modify the z-offset and volume settings if you pause task list execution. Changes will apply to the next process in the Task List.

Copy and Paste Tasks within the Task List. You can now copy and paste tasks in the Task List panel making it faster to add repeat tasks to your task list.

Pitch Calculation. Pitch calculation has been added to the Plate Type Editor to calculate the position of the last column on a Deep Well block. The software will automatically calculate the pitch once the X and Y pitch values are entered.


See the required number of Low Volume and High Volume tips. The NT8 now displays the number of required LV and HV tips on the ACTIVE HEAD panel, so you can better prepare the hardware for an upcoming dispense.

Active head

Manually adjust the LCP dispense Z-offset. When you select the LCP head on the Task Details dialog box, you will now see settings for the Z-offset and a check box which enable you to manually or automatically adjust the clearance between the LCP tip and plate surface.

Progress bar when mixing LCP. A progress bar now displays while the NT8 is mixing LCP to show you that something is happening with the hardware.

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