Rock Maker 3.5: New Single Drop Report; Enhanced well tab and slideshow

November 16, 2015 by Hannah Leave a Comment

Rock Maker 3.5 introduces an overhauled single drop report format and an enhanced Well tab and Slideshow format.

New Single Drop Report format
The Single Drop Report has been redesigned for a cleaner, more organized and concise look. For more information, see Single Drop Report.

See scores and ingredient info in the Well tab
The Well tab now displays scores and ingredient info, making it a more useful view of the drops at a well. For more information, see Well, Drop, and Compare Tabs.

Stock ID added to Ingredient Info and Edit Layer side panels
The Stock ID, which is the same set of numbers that appears on a stock’s ingredient label, now appears both on the Ingredient Info panel’s detailed view and the Edit Layer side panels, so you can more easily see which stock has been included in your design. For more information, see Adding and editing ingredients.

Draw Regions of Interest in the Slideshow
The slideshow now includes image tools, so you can draw Regions of Interest, make annotations, measure objects and more. You can also see Ingredient Info in a new format, making it easier to read about the ingredients that make up each drop. For more information, see Viewing Images in a Slideshow.

New 'Tree: Follow Me' system property
A new system property has been added allowing you to turn off the Explorer’s behavior of highlighting the currently selected experiment, screen, protein, etc., as you switch tabs in the main workspace.

Larger drop labels
A colorful header appears on top of your drops showing you the scores, what type of image you’re looking at, which well and drop number you’re looking at, and so on. For more information, see Well, Drop, and Compare Tabs.

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