Rock Imager 2.16: Improved drop location; SONICC, FRAP enhancements

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Improved drop location 

Rock Imager’s drop location algorithm has been improved to differentiate droplet condensation, LCP plate tape, and semi-circular objects from sample drops.

Improved Drop Location


Better handling of ‘troubled’ plates

“Troubled” plates, or plates that were not able to be imaged due to barcode label issues and/or plate alignment issues, are now listed in the Plates Waiting To Be Imaged and Future Imaging Schedule tables in red text. These plates will be skipped and not imaged as scheduled until the problem is resolved. Contact Formulatrix support if you need assistance handling troubled plates.



More accessible SONICC reference plate

A new SONICC Reference Plate Data Analysis menu provides the ability to both view and export reference plate data analysis directly from Rock Imager and execute the reference plate image and analysis routine with a quick click of a button. To take advantage of this feature, benchtop users must contact support to properly create initial readings that will be used as a benchmark for comparison purposes during subsequent imaging and analysis.



Improved FRAP  diffusion rate calculations

FRAP Full Recovery diffusion rate calculations are now more accurate due to constraining the image alignment algorithm. A calculated image overlay deviation greater than 10 pixels (~12 μm) are assumed to be inaccurate and a (0 μm, 0 μm) delta data point is used instead.

FRAP improvements Improved FRAP diffusion rate calculations -- Before improvement on left; after on right. Invalid data point circled in red.


Additional FRAP imaging data available in Rock Maker

Two new FRAP imaging parameters, “End-State image offsets” and “Post-Bleach image offsets” are now available on Rock Maker's Imaging Settings tab for high-throughput FRAP imaging sessions. If the difference in the measurements of the Post-Bleach and the End-State image offset values is too great, the imager may be experiencing abnormal plate movement during imaging which could cause invalid mobile fraction and recovery curve data.

imaging settings

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