Rock Imager 2.17: Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI) and Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption Imaging

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Rock Imager 2.17 supports two new imaging types: Multi-Fluorescence Imaging and UV absorption Imaging. Rock Imager 2.17 is a limited release for RI-1000s and RI-2s that include either of these imaging types.

Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI)

MFI is a new hardware module that is optional for Rock Imager 1000 or Rock Imager 2 models. MFI has three different filter modules that allow you to capture the intrinsic UV fluorescence from aromatic amino acids or to detect fluorescence from labeled proteins. MFI is especially useful in differentiating between crystals of a protein-protein complex and crystals of just one protein.

MFI with caption
Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption Imaging

UV absorption is a new hardware setup that allows scientists to acquire absorption images. The UV absorption imager transmits UV light through the sample and then detects the same wavelength UV light on the camera. Areas that absorb the UV light create contrast, allowing you to see differentiating features in your crystallization drops. UV absorption can be helpful for imaging drops that are not UV fluorescence, for example, DNA, RNA, and proteins without tryptophan.

Salt Cyrstals & RNA with caption

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