Protein Crystallization Software Update: Rock Maker 3.6

March 29, 2016 by taufiqi Leave a Comment

Your personalized Rock Maker experience awaits - Just log in
Rock Maker now saves you time by storing your personal preferences for future use, such as default plate type, color schemes, and default imaging schedule. Group preferences can also be used, allowing you to define what the default settings will be for everyone in your lab.

 Your personalized Rock Maker experience awaits

Search and Filter is now easier to use
The Search and Filter interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user friendly than before. Now you can easily add parameters to new or existing searches to find the exact results you need without any hassle.


Watch a brief video that highlights the new Search and Filter interface.

Drops in Hit and Instant Drop Reports
Hit and Instant Drop Reports now enable you to select which drops from the well to include in your results. This can allow you to focus your analysis on separate or similar protein formulations.

Relevant labels on your FRAP images
Labels for FRAP images are now more understandable. They changed from “Extended Focus”, “Focus Level 1”, “Focus Level 2”, and “Focus Level 3”  to “Pre-Bleach”, “Post-Bleach”, “End-State”, and “Recovery Curve”.

Other ways Rock Maker 3.6 can make life easier:

  • Streamlined Imaging Tuning controls
  • Fixed performance problems on the tree while opening folders
  • Fixed memory leaks when using the slide show

The Rock Maker team is working tirelessly on bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes, in order to enhance user experience and improve user productivity.

Many of the best Rock Maker updates have been suggested by our awesome user community.

Have a great idea on how to make Rock Maker better? Let us know by contacting us at!

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