Protein Crystallization Software Update: NT8 2.8

December 23, 2016 by Drajat Sukoco Leave a Comment

NT8 2.8 brings new features and improvements to help make your research easier! Here is a quick look at some of the new developments:

Improved Plate Copying: Ability to Mix Solution Before Aspirating

NT8 now has the ability to mix the solution before aspirating it from a deep well block and dispensing it into a daughter plate. Customizable mixing cycles can be programmed to ensure that you get a well-mixed solution prior to copying a plate. For more information, see Creating Daughter Plates (Plate Copying).

Mixing dialog box on NT8.png

New Mixing option on the Aspirate menu


More Convenient Plate Station Changing
Previously, changing a plate station on your NT8 instrument required you to create a new task list. Now, you can change plate stations by simply selecting the desired location from a drop-down menu. For added convenience, the NT8 software now provides you with the relevant deck position information in the Task List grid. For more information, see The Task List Panel.

Task list.png

New Task List


Improved Plate Management
Plate Management has been made easier through the addition of a Save As option, and the ability to hide any unused plate type definitions. You can click the Save As button in the Plate Type Editor to save the new plate type definition as a different file name without overwriting the previous definitions. Now you can also hide unused plate type definitions by right-clicking the definition on the Plate Library. For more information, see Adding Plate Types.

plate type editor  save as.png

Plate Type Editor


Intuitive Rock Maker Integration
The latest NT8 software provides you with a NT8-Rock Maker Integration that is easier to use than ever before. Now you can immediately perform Rock Maker integration, without restarting the NT8 software. For more information, see Rock Maker Integration Tab. Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you need any help configuring this feature.


Auto Detection for Protein Tray
This new feature enables the NT8 to automatically recognize whether a High Volume or Low Volume protein tray is attached to the system. This eliminates the potential for an errors  that could occur when the software and hardware are not synced. For more information, see The Protein Source Station.


Many of the best NT8 updates have been suggested by our awesome user community!

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