Revolutions in Structural Biology: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sir John Kendrew

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We are proud to be exhibiting at upcoming Revolutions in Structural Biology: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sir John Kendrew - November 14-15, 2017 at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.

Stop by our table to learn how our complete protein crystallization automation solution can accelerate your crystallization research and make your experiments more reproducible. 


Featured Solution


SONICC can be used to automatically screen all types of crystallization plates to positively identify both large and small crystals. It is especially useful for detecting crystals buried in precipitate or turbid matrices, such as lipidic cubic phase (LCP). LCP is often used to crystallize membrane proteins with initial screens resulting in small crystals that are not easily identified in the turbid LCP matrix. SONICC is particularly well suited for imaging in LCP as it can detect small crystals even in the presence of a turbid matrix. Automated imaging tools such as drop location and auto focus are both used to quickly and accurately find the LCP drop. The accompanied visible imaging technique of crossed-polarized imaging offers complimentary information all with extremely fast imaging times.



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Detection and Imaging of Protein Microcrystals using SONICC

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Characterization using SONICC

Unprecedented Sensitivity for API Crystalline Quantification using SONICC


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