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FORMULATRIX® strives to keep all the screen composition information for our ROCK MAKER® software correct and up-to-date. Periodically, there will be need to update the screen files due to changes to the screen recipes by vendors or inconsistencies found when we preform internal audits.

Below is a list of the recently updated ROCK MAKER XML Screen Files as well as a list of the new screens that are available for download from our website:

Updated XML Screen Files

Hampton Research - PEG Rx 1 major update Rigaku - Precipitant Synergy 1-96
Hampton Research - PEG Rx 2 major update Rigaku - Precipitant Synergy 97-192
Hampton Research - PEG Rx HT  


New XML Screen Files Available

Molecular Dimensions - Durham pH Molecular Dimensions - Rubic Buffer
Molecular Dimensions - Durham Salt Rigaku - Berkley
Molecular Dimensions - MemChannel Jena Biosciences - XP
Molecular Dimensions - Midas Plus Kerafast -  Protein-Nucleic Acid Complex Crystal Screen


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