Prescreening Membrane Protein Crystallization Conditions with FRAP

April 28, 2017 by Lance Ramsey Leave a Comment

Authors: Lance Ramsey, Ellen Gualtieri, Eric Zhao

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Posted in: FRAP, lcp, prescreening conditions, membrane proteins, Protein Crystallization, protein crystals

Use of FRAP to Filter Out Non-Crystallizing Conditions

March 24, 2017 by Lance Ramsey Leave a Comment

Authors: Ellen Gualtieri1, Eugene Chun2, Wei Liu2, Lance Ramsey11Formulatrix, Inc. 2Arizona State University

Problem:Finding the optimal conditions to crystallize integral membrane proteins is time consuming. Crystals can take two weeks or more...

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Posted in: imaging, Protein Crystallization, FRAP, lcp, prescreening conditions

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