What's New in Rock Imager 3.1

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Rock Imager 3.1 includes some big improvements for all types of imagers and light paths to make your work easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments for Rock Imager 3.1.

Digital Zoom for 9 Megapixel Cameras
Now all Rock Imagers with nine megapixel cameras, including new systems, have the ability to use digital zoom with fixed objectives. This enables you to tighten the field of view perfectly to the edges of your drops. The digital zoom is achieved by cropping the images acquired by the camera. For more information, see Using Optics Control.


Capture Extended Focus Images (EFI) with a Single Click
Rock Imager's EFI functionality now includes the ability to view and save extended focus images within Rock Imager. Just click the EFI button on the Camera Control panel to see and save your images, without having to switch to Rock Maker. For more information, see Extended Focus Image (EFI) Sub-Tab.

Optimized Polarized Imaging
Rock Imager 3.1 features polarized imaging optimization to speed up the imaging process and preserve accurate exposure for better images. Using the new optimization, whole plates will be imaged using the selected imaging modes, rather than Rock Imager switching between imaging modes for each well.

Dynamic Image Scheduling
Plates will now be sent to the imaging queue 4 hours before their scheduled imaging time to reduce wait times between imaging sessions. This occurs only when Rock Imager is idle, so affected plates will be imaged directly if there is no other imaging session currently taking place. For more information, see Scheduling Tab.

View the Applied Exposure on Live Images
Rock Imager now displays the applied exposure value for live images on the Camera Control panel. This shows you the exposure value as adjusted by binning exposure compensation. By default, binning exposure compensation is enabled for all visible light images and disabled for all UV images for both PointGrey and PixeLINK cameras. To read more about binning, see Using Camera Controls.

Rock Imager 1000 Systems - Eject Expired Plates Automatically
Rock Imager makes it even easier to manage plates in storage with the ability to automatically move expired plates to the load port. You will be notified via email when plates are moved so you can keep track of where plates are located. This feature can be enabled from the Load Port menu in Rock Imager and is configured to run from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday. To change the time settings, please contact support.

SONICC Systems - Image in Visible Light even with SONICC Non-operational
Now visible imaging schedules will be imaged even while the SONICC laser is non-operational. All SONICC imaging sessions will stay in the imaging schedule and will run automatically after SONICC has resumed functionality.  

Many of the best Rock Imager updates have been suggested by our awesome user community.

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