What's New in Rock Maker 3.7

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Even Higher Quality UV Fluorescent Images

New UV images will be stored using a compression factor that yields even sharper images than before. This is especially useful for those images that are dark and require image tuning. By default your fluorescent Extended Focus Imaging (EFI) images will now be stored at full quality to ensure the best viewing experience. As a result, this will increase the image file size. You can revert back to the previous quality level by talking to your Rock Maker administrator.

Rapidly Create Multiple Screen Experiments using Excel

Now create multiple screen experiments using a single CSV file. Easily design your screen experiments in Excel using our template (download here) including specifying imaging schedules, incubation temperatures and more. An optional barcode field allows users to create custom barcode labels or leave blank to have one automatically generated. The .CSV files are readily imported by clicking the Batchload Experiments Batchload_Experiment_button.png button on the ribbon menu.

For more information, please read Create Experiments in Batch.


Faster Performance for High Density Plates

We have further optimized performance for higher density plates by reducing the image load times to be similar to that of smaller plates.

Rock Maker Speed Performance Improvements

Rock Maker 3.7 includes significant speed performance improvements, designed to increase your efficiency. Everyday tasks have been made faster than ever so that you can keep working with minimal load times. The tables below show the load time reduction for common tasks executed in Rock Maker 3.7 as compared to those completed in Rock Maker 3.6.  Please note that improvements will depend on the PC and network setup that you're using.

Performance Improvements for a Single 96-well Plate
Task Executed RM 3.7 Proformance Improvement
Creating a New Experiment 52.0% time reduction
Creating Protein Layers 39.5% time reduction
Pasting an Experiment 73.3% time reduction
Creating an Experiment Report 27.0% time reduction


Performance Improvements for a Single 1536-well Plate
Task Executed RM 3.7 Proformance Improvements
Creating Protein Layers 30.7% time reduction
Saving an Experiment 70.1% time reduction
Pasting an Experiment 84.8% time reduction
Deleting an Experiment 64.0% time reduction

Other Ways Rock Maker 3.7 Can Make Life Easier:

  • Option to show the last username logged in.
  • Standardized options when saving images locally.
  • “Show confirmation dialog when moving any items in Tree” is turned on.


The Rock Maker team is working tirelessly on bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes
in order to enhance user experience and improve user productivity.


Many of the best Rock Maker updates have been suggested by our awesome user community.

Have a great idea on how to make Rock Maker better?

Let us know by contacting us at support@formulatrix.com!


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